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  • Roof panel roll forming machines

    Roof panel roll forming machines

    Two levels wave and trapezoid tile roll forming machine with cutting systerm is operated by a computer. It is easy to operate and can be set up in many languages to meet the needs of customers in many countries and regions. Two levels wave and trapezoid tile roll forming machine with cutting systerm is made up of laying out, forming and post-forming cutting. Its color plate has smooth and beautiful appearance, uniform paint pattern, high strength and durability. It is widely used in industrial and civil buildings, such as factory buildings, warehouses, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, cinemas and other rooms and walls. Two levels wave and trapezoid tile roll forming machine with cutting systerm using high quality steel products, complete product types and models.The technical performance index has reached the advanced level at home and abroad. Two levels wave and trapezoid tile roll forming machine with cutting systerm Special design and facture can be carried out according to user's requirements, and at the same time adapt to market changes, constantly upgrade and update.

  • Gymnasium activities retractable grandstand chairs

    Gymnasium activities retractable grandstand chairs

    The seat is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) using a hollow blow molding process. The overall design of the seat is ergonomic to achieve a comfortable sitting feeling and reducesitting fatigue. The seat has superior mechanical performance, high strength, impact resistance, safety, good weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and antistatic. The seat design, shape and installation method meet the international general requirements,which are beautiful in appearance, comfortable to sit on, and easy to install, maintain and manage. Fixed grandstand seats can be divided into flat-mounted, side-mounted, and vertical-mounted seats with different installation methods, as well as integrated chairs and flap chairs, depending on the different needs of the venue.

  • Prestressed Concrete PHC Pile Moulds

    Prestressed Concrete PHC Pile Moulds

    Product Name: Prestressed Concrete PHC Pile Moulds Concrete pile mould is position fixing is made by radial tongue-and groove and axial taper pin. Manufactured stage by stage and binded by bolts at last, the mould is characteristic with the advantages of esay transportation, quick assembling,correct position fixing, good rigidity and smooth working. We are professional manufacturer of Pre-stressed Concrete Pile Production Line. We have engaged in this area for many years and own mature technology, full experience. Our products are in accordance with the standard GB-13476-1999, the quality is guaranteed. Certification: ISO9001:2008 Running Wheel: 600-1800mm lengh: 7-60m Product: Concrete spun pile steel mould Shaping Mode: Die Casting

  • Dust removal spray machine

    Dust removal spray machine

    Scope of application: Humidification, cooling, and dust reduction on construction sites; Environmental protection industry, mines, coal yards, terminals, steel mills and other dusty construction sites for dust removal and cooling and humidification; Forest protection, urban landscaping, spraying of trees and trees to prevent pests and diseases; City streets, station terminals, school airports, public places, garbage sites, sanitation and epidemic prevention, etc., disinfection, dust removal and cooling.​

  • Screw air compressor

    Screw air compressor

    Features 1Save the loss during unloading. When the gas volume of the fixed-frequency screw machine fluctuates, the motor will consume 45% of electricity when it is unloaded; the permanent-magnet inverter air compressor is not unloaded, and there is no waste. 2 to save the loss of pressure difference. In order to avoid the frequent start of the impact on the unit and the power grid, the fixed-frequency screw machine sets the 1-2BAR differential pressure; the variable-frequency screw air compressor can start and stop indefinitely, only one pressure point. Each time the pressure difference is 0.14 BAR, the system energy saving is 5~7%. 3 Save energy consumption at startup. The starting current of the fixed-frequency screw air compressor is 3-6 times of the rated current, and the frequent start-up greatly consumes electricity; the permanent-magnet inverter air compressor starts with a soft start, and the maximum current does not exceed the rated current.

  • Button heading machine

    Button heading machine

    The auto bar moving machine matched with cutter and heading machine together,achieve to auto cutting,heading and moving bar away way .NC controller,mote adopts VFD,accurate speed,stably work,handle and Automatic way change any time,it can work in any where,easy installation,energy-efficient,after sale service with commercial cost.

  • Tension jack machine

    Tension jack machine

    Tension machine is a kind of feedthrough pre-tensioing jack with a tension rod in the center, having 4 types of tensioning strength, namely: 1000 KN, 2000 KN, 3000 KN, 4000 KN. As the end of the tension rod is connected to the anchor with thread, it can be applied to various forged anchors, chilled iron anchor used for stayed-cable bridge and other similar anchors, as well as pre-tension pulling for pipes. In accordance with actual requirement, the support of two heavy-weight jacks can be replaced with a baseplate and rolling hinged bearing provided by the manufacturer, to be used as a vertical jack, or for horizontal pushing during installation. The customer can also demand a change in thread specifications for the connection of the anchor to enlarge the scope of application.

  • Diesel forklift truck

    Diesel forklift truck

    1.Equipped with Chinese powerful and reliable engines with excellent environmental performance; 2.Equipped with OPS or ORS seat and brake switch to prevent incorrect operation and secure the driver and the forklift from all sides. 3.install optional three-way catalytic device to lower the harmful emission beside of low emission engines; Adopt soundproof cotton to ease noise and high exhaust system as option to reduce dust.

  • Radial extrusion cement pipe machine

    Radial extrusion cement pipe machine

    Vertical radial extrusion pipe manufacturing technology as a new type of pipe manufacturing technology has the greatest advantage of using dry and hard concrete, vertical production can be immediately demoulded.Instantaneous extrusion molding, each tubeonly 2 to 4 minutes, high production efficiency. The radial extrusion pipe-making machine issuitable for producing small and medium-sized concrete drainage pipes. Its diameter range is300mm-1200mm. Its standard length is 2-3m. It can also produce reinforced concrete cement pipes with flexible joints and pipe jacking without reinforced concrete cement pipes.

  • Automatic Rolling steel cage welding machine

    Automatic Rolling steel cage welding machine

    Roll welding machine is widely used in cast-in-place pile construction in large bridges, high-speed railway construction and other fields. Wire Cage welding machine is one of the most necessary equipment to produce reinforced concrete pipes. There is pushing style, another is the Pulling. Our company pipe cage welding machine is fully automatic operation, the whole production process only needs one person operation. Roll welding machine makes up of four systems: The Main rotary plate; Pushing wire Plate; Diameter changing structure; and Cooper welder, they are working, driven by the separate motor. The Variable Frequency speed control system regulated to make the spiral pitch, the angle of ball joint.

  • Making steel mould for PHC Pile Moulds

    Making steel mould for PHC Pile Moulds

    According to Concrete pile strength , there are PHC piles, and PC piles, According to different wall thickness, there are PC piles and PTC piles. Spun pile production line is used to produce High strength Cocrete piles. The popular specification of PHC piles are3 00mm ,400mm, 500mm, 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm, the length can be 7-15 meters, or we can design the mould according to your request. Main Features 1. We keep absorbing advantages of similar advanced products all over the world to keep our products alway going first . 2. The structure of this mould is novel, they are made in sections, and couple with bolts. 3. This spun pile mould is easy to transport and quick to assemble. Positioning is accurate. 4. It has good overall rigidity and smooth operation.

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