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                                                                                Construction of Enterprise Culture
In September 2009, Tianjin Hongxing International Co., Ltd. established party committees, armed forces and trade unions, and strengthened private enterprises.
Party leadership and trade union work have realized that companies are people-oriented and employees are proud of the factory. Employees sign 100% with the company after entering the factory.
In the case of a labor contract, the group company shall pay social insurance such as pension, medical care, work injury, unemployment, and childbirth. 2011 corporate investment
With a capital of 30 million yuan, two new dormitory buildings and a bathroom for 2,000 people will be built at the same time, which greatly improved the lives of employees.
condition. Every year during the Spring Festival, the company will express condolences to employees who have difficulties so that they can spend every peaceful and happy holiday. in order to
In order to enrich the amateur cultural life of employees, the group company organizes various vivid cultural and sports activities every year. Paired
In terms of external publicity, the Group has established media: Group website

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