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Quality control

It mainly controls from the aspects of feed inspection, production process, factory inspection and after-sales service to ensure the overall quality of the products.Incoming Inspection (IQC): Full inspection, random inspection and batch inspection of all incoming raw materials and spare parts. Distinguish the defective products that do not meet the company's requirements and make obvious indications.According to the actual situation, give the supplier an abnormal notice and request emergency measures and permanent improvement measures. Supervise and track the specific implementation, strictly do not accept non-conforming products, do not miss non-conforming products, do not transmit non-conforming products.Quality control in the production process: All employees and workshop directors are called upon to participate in quality management activities.Each process responsibility is implemented to the person, and the operator is strictly required to do a self-inspection of a product first, and then the workshop director will inspect it, and then the quality inspection commissioner or inspection will conduct random inspection to prevent the occurrence of non-conforming products and prevent a non-conforming product. Flow into the next process.Each workshop must strictly distinguish between inspection products, qualified products and defective products to prevent mutual confusion.The products in the workshop must be neatly placed and kept clean and dry. Each workshop must standardize operations, strictly do not produce non-conforming products, do not accept non-conforming products, and do not transmit non-conforming products.

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